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Don’t bottle it up. Say it like you meme it! Then put those frustrations behind you.

eww meetings

Can you see my screen?… You’re on mute… When will the meetings end!


The good old days, you remember the typing pool right, and a cheeky pint at lunchtime.


Always Open for a Dose Satirical Humor!


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Ready to ‘rise and grind’ or maybe you could be a team player because we’re a family here! Let’s hustle then… also no. All joking aside, work is a part of life but it doesn’t take over our lives. We’re on a mission to champion the value of individuals at work and along the way to poke fun at the practices and behaviors that don’t.


Absolutely love my eww meetings mug! Its a conversation starter and brightens my day!
The tee I bought is a hit at work! Super comfy and the print is spot-on.
My morning coffee tastes even better with the hilarious mug I got.

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