Satirical Artwork


This is where it all began our first collection. Born of stories of unvoiced frustration, in a time where mass layoffs came for dedicated workers, and their colleagues that remained had to pick up the pieces.

The art in this collection is a recognition of the value lost when we part ways, as individuals and organisations. That lost value depicted as fire is channeled as a way to put the past behind us. Ad to be free to create new relationships unencumbered.

It also looks great on a mug best served with coffee, strong coffee

eww meetings

Corporate life can seem like one long stream of meetings. What are they for? Why was I invited? Why wasn’t I invited? All questions that we can never answer.

Personally I’ve sat in too many meetings with no purpose. Sat next to people that shouldn’t have been in the room. Most of the time I shouldn’t have been in the room either, because the whole thing could have been an email!

The inspiration for this collection came from the guy’s at TL;DV and their post on tiktok.


The halycon collection is a yearning for a past best remembered rather than relived. Those ‘good old days’ still carry some baggage, smoking in the office, blatant sexism, the list goes on. But we don’t have to look too far into the past though, our signature piece is inspired by the hustle culture of the 2010’s. It features Adam Nuemann the co-founder of WeWork and champion of hustle culture who coined the phrase ‘rise and grind’. The bright yellow halo behind Nuemann is that of a New York taxi cab from the city WeWork originated.

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